Friday, January 27, 2012

Lite n' Easy

Disclaimer: I paid for my order, and I am not being compensated for this post in any way.

I want to eat healthy foods. I do. But I hate preparing it, and I hate trying to decide what to have, and I know when I buy fresh food that needs to peeled, and chopped, and assembled into things, I'll get home from work, feel to tired to bother, and throw something pre-packaged into the oven or the deep fryer.

In most cases I like being an adult, making all my choices and mostly I do it well. When it comes to food, I want to be 7-years old, having someone decide what I'm having for breakfast, send me to school with a lunch they've packed, and have dinner all figured out when I get home.

This is where Lite n' Easy comes in. I tried it once about 15 years ago, and liked most of it, then I couldn't afford it, and had to stop. Someone at my work has been on Lite n' Easy for almost a month now, and it got me thinking about trying it again.

I got my first week delivery today, to start tomorrow. The menu is:
Day 1
Breakfast: 4-Grain cinnamon cereal, multigrain toast with strawberry jam.
Morning Snack: Orange
Lunch: Crunchy chicken & corn salad; vanilla pears with orange syrup
Afternoon Snack: Apple & cranberry muffin
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese

Day 2
Breakfast: Classic fruit muesli, wholegrain & oat toast with apricot jam
Morning Snack: Two fruits fruit cup
Lunch: Lamb & feta pizza; red apple
Afternoon Snack: Greek style mango yoghurt
Dinner: Crumbed fish

Day 3
Breakfast: Blueberry yoghurt crumble, wholegrain & oat toast with vegemite
Morning Snack: Orange
Lunch: Soy chicken tender with salad and hoisin dressing; fruit salad fruit cup
Afternoon Snack: Sweet corn fritters with fruit chutney
Dinner: Apricot chicken

Day 4
Breakfast: Fruit & bran cereal, wholegrain & oat toast with peanut butter
Morning Snack: Kiwifruit
Lunch: Italian meatballs with pasta; seasonal fruit (apple)
Afternoon Snack: Apple & vanilla custard
Dinner: Beef & black bean sauce

Day 5
Breakfast: Bacon, egg and tomato with multigrain toast (I am so happy I still get bacon)
Morning Snack: Apple
Lunch: Hokkein stir fry noodles; pear fruit cup
Afternoon Snack: Walnut & date cake
Dinner: Lasagne

Day 6
Breakfast: Toasted fruit muffin with spread
Morning Snack: nectarine
Lunch: hamburger pattie with beetroot relish and tomato on a roll; orange
Afternoon Snack: Spiced fruit cookies
Dinner: Chicken dijon

Day 7
Breakfast: Vanilla crunch cereal; wholegrain oat toast with vegemite
Morning Snack: Peach fruit cup
Lunch: Chicken & pasta bake; apple
Afternoon Snack: Crunchy noodles
Dinner: Homestyle macaroni bake.

The only change I'll be making isn't to the food that was delivered. In the menu they suggest that the cereal be served with skim milk. I hate any kind of milk on cereal (except on Coco Pops), so I'll be eating my cereal with fruit juice. Probably the apple, banana & kiwi fruit one they sell at a convenience store near my post box.


River said...

Do you get to choose your own menus from their selection? Because I've thought about it, but there's things I can't eat or don't like.
I remember seeing beetroot relish on the shelves at Coles. I might try it. On a ham sandwich. With lettuce.

no-one said...

You can choose your own dinners, but if you forget, and you're on a scheduled weekly deivery they will just send a random selection. The default for breakfasts and lunches is the 'popular menu' but there is a optional choice for each day. It's a four week menu that gets repeated for around 3 months (not exact, because of months not being exacty 4 weeks long), and then they switch to a new one. I'll show you when I see you next.

Kath Lockett said...

Sounds really nice and I had a friend who did it years ago because she worked full time, was single and couldn't be bothered trying to rustle up something interesting every night and she *loved* it. And lost heaps of weight.

Windsmoke. said...

Much prefer to prepare my own meals because i know the food is fresh if i get food posioning i'm the only one to blame :-).

River said...

I'm liking my current routine of frozen meals from the Lean Cuisine range. When I get home from work and it's too hot to prepare, let alone cook I just microwave one of those. Snacks and/or dessert is fruit most of the time.

AMA said...

Why not eat a lighter dinner?