Sunday, March 18, 2012

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Concert

On Friday I went to the Tim McGraw & Faith Hill 2012 Australian Tour concert.

For those of you who don't know, Tim and Faith are Country singers. New Country, not old style Country & Western. Faith has had a bit of a pop crossover as well (I'm sure just about all of you have heard "This Kiss" and "Breathe". Faith and Tim met many years ago, when they were support acts on a tour. They have now been married for a lot of years and have three daughters. They have toured together in the States, but this is their first time touring together in Australia. Adelaide was their first stop, and I bought tickets the day they went on sale.

The concert was awesome.

The opening act was a band from Texas who I had never heard of, The Eli Young Band. They were really good.

As for the main event, Faith and Tim are excellent showpeople, knowing just how to play to the crowd.

Faith came out first, singing some of her old songs, plus three new ones, from an album to be released later this year. When someone requested "It Matters To Me", which wasn't on her set list, she had to see if any of her band knew it, and when the piano player was able to play the music, she sang the first verse and chorus.

At the end of her set, Tim joined her onstage for one of their duets, and as she was leaving he told us we'd all just heard the best singer in the world, his wife. And it's probably a rehearsed line that he'll say at every concert, and a lot of people won't agree, but it was still really sweet.

Tim had a lot of energy on stage, joked with the crowd, played around, sang a mix of old and new songs. He ended his set with a song Faith sings backup on, and then they sang another duet.

 After leaving the stage they returned for one encore song. The song they sang, I Need You, is actually their one duet I don't care for, but they did sing it beautifully, and they seem to really enjoy and love each other, so the concert still ended on a positive note.

Pictures and videos:
                                                                    My concert t-shirt

                                                                              Faith Hill

                                                                              Faith Hill

                                                                            Tim McGraw

                                                                            Tim McGraw

                                                                          Tim & Faith

                                                                    This Kiss - Faith Hill

                                                     The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill

                                                                     Breathe - Faith Hill

                                                 Like We Never Loved At All - Faith & Tim

                                                         Real Good Man - Tim McGraw

                                                     Something Like That - Tim McGraw

                                         Angry All The Time - Tim feat. Faith on backup vocals

                                                            It's Your Love - Faith & Tim