Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mini food review: I tried these so you don't have to

Cheeseburger flavoured Twisties.

Have you ever bought a McDonald's cheeseburger and then not eaten it right away? Instead it sits in your fridge for at least 10 hours, until you remember it's there, and decide that since you're hungry but can't be fucked actually cooking anything you'll just eat the cheeseburger. And you don't bother heating it up first you just eat it cold.

I've actually done this because although I'm a very good cook, I'm really lazy and have appalling eating habits. 

Anyway that cheeseburger scenario from above...that is exactly what a cheeseburger flavoured Twistie tastes like.

I don't recommend them.


Toni said...

I didn't even know there was such a thing, they sound awful! thanks for the warning.

Veronica said...

Oh this made me laugh. I don't think I'm going to be trying them.

River said...

So you don't want a packet of these in your christmas stocking then?

Windsmoke. said...

I wouldn't eat mc donalds even if you paid me a million dollars YUK!!! :-).

Romina Garcia said...

Haha!! I actually spat a little of my drink out reading this. Hilarious.
Althogh, I still want to try them.
Am I just asking for trouble?? I think so.

no-one said...

It's really amazing how they manage to get that exact flavour into a twistie. I'd love to see the science behind it.

Elisabeth said...

Sounds awful, a cold old cheeseburger. I'm new here via your challenge to RH on River's blog, which appealed to me. Not that he'd pay your comment much attention. He seems to like to take the mickey out of people.

But you No One who calls his/her blog Nothing and then writes about many and fascinating, albeit at times commonplace things, deserve more attention. It's good to meet you here.

no-one said...

Hello Elisabeth.
Thank you for stopping by. I'm a her.
The name is mostly because when I first started the blog I didn't know what to call it, or myself, or if I'd be writing beyond my first post.