Friday, April 8, 2011


   Marriage. I support marriage for anyone who wants to get married. As long as you're over 18 and the person you want to marry also wants to marry you, then you should be free to get married to whomever you want.
   However, I don't see myself ever getting married. I don't like the idea of it for myself, it's just not my thing.
   So, maybe, my issue that I'm having right now is something I don't fully understand, because I've never dreamed of having the perfect wedding day...
   My issue: I am saddened by the number of women who seem to think that their wedding day should be the best day of their life. Because really, if you think the day of the wedding should be the best day of your life, what does that say about your expectations for all the days of marriage that follow the wedding.
   Why would you intentionally set yourself up for so many years of disappointment. Wouldn't it be better to think that the wedding will be a great day, but every day that follows, when you're with the person you love, should be, at the very least, equal to that, but hopefully better?


Kath Lockett said...

Agree completely. It's one friggin' day - a partnership is for life and I hope that Sapph decides to spend whatever ridiculous amount an 'average' wedding costs these days on a house deposit, car or holiday instead.

We got married in my parents' garden. My dress cost $12 in material and the catering (incl booze) was $1500. After the day was over, we then went on holiday, refusing to call it a 'honeymoon'. That was sixteen and a half years ago :)

Toni said...

Yes, I agree too.
Too many girls spend all their time planning the wedding, and no time at all planning the marriage.

Veronica said...


We're getting married at the end of the year and my goal is to get married, have fun and throw a party for our friends. Best day? Well, it's probably not going to beat getting to meet my children for the first time and I wouldn't expect it to.

River said...

Agreed. When I married your dad the entire wedding cost about $200 and it was just a really fun day. I didn't even do most of the planning, mum took over and it was mostly "her" day. All I did was choose my dress style and bridesmaids dress colour.

no-one said...

Kath: Congrats on over 16 years.
Veronica: Hope your wedding is a great day.
River: Oh my god you married my dad!?!. Heh. Kidding.