Sunday, September 25, 2011

Magic Quilt

When I was a baby my mother made me a little patchwork quilt. She made it out of material from dresses that used to belong to her and my older sister. The quilt started out in my cot, then when I was three I got  a baby doll for christmas and the patchwork quilt was what I wrapped her in when I carted her around.

The quilt has been through countless household moves, was used/played with both inside and outside, and around 11 years ago it was in my flat when I had a fire that covered almost everything in soot. It has been around me, one of lifes natural spillers and stainers, for 34 years.

I took this photo of the quilt 2 hours ago:
It is spotless. Not a single stain. It came out of my fire soot free. The white bits are still white and the colours are still bright. It hasn't faded with age or worn through from handling.
My brother and I have agreed that it must be a magic quilt. It's really the only explanation for an almost 35 year old quilt to look like it was only just made.


River said...

You see a quilt, I see memories.
Sundresses, caftans, maternity smocks...
Then of course, I remember you carting that doll everywhere, in a little basket with the quilt on top.

Kath Lockett said...

It's beautiful and, like River, I can see memories in each square :)

Zed said...

How beautiful is that! And how very special. All that love and all those memories wrapped around you for so long. I must concur, it is MAGICAL!