Sunday, October 9, 2011

Internet Explorer Hates Me

For the past few weeks I've been having some problems with Internet Explorer. It started out with my yahoo mail account. I would click on a new mail, it would open, but no text would load, unless I pressed the forward button (reply didn't work, it had to be forward). Then I could read whatever was in the email.

Next the emails just wouldn't open at all. Since it was happening at work as well as at home, I thought maybe it was a problem with Yahoo. Especially after it had a fit and spontaneously deleted a whole bunch of the emails I could see sitting there, but couldn't read.

Then just as that problem started resolving itself I started having issues with blogger. The pages take forever to load. I can't reply to any posts because even though I have no problem seeing all other images, the little security word shows up as a box with a cross in it.

And the three times I've tried to post here, as soon as I hit the Publish Post button I get an error message.

Luckily I've still been able to do stuff at LiveJournal, since everyone I follow over there has been freaking out about what happened in the Warehouse 13 finale just as much as I have.

So, I've loaded up Safari on my computer. My emails all loaded very fast, and I had no problem reading them. I was able to successfully comment on a blogger post (and then just to check it wasn't a random blogger problem that had been fixed, I tried to comment again using IE and had the same issue as before). Now I'm trying to do a post of my own. If it works, yay!
If it doesn't I will cry bitter tears of frustration. (Well I probably won't because I'm really not a crier, although I did tear up at Warehouse. It was just so sad.)


Toni said...

I got to killing point with IE about 2 years ago. I use Google Chrome now. Still have issues but I think that's my 3 year old laptop, and certainly nothing like as frustrating as IE.

River said...

I don't seem to have any problems with IE. I do have slow loading pages, but some days are good, some are not so good. Just have to pick the right time of day I guess.
I've been having trouble with comments though, not being able to leave comments on certain blogs and others not being able to leave comments on mine. Seems a pop-up comment window works, so this morning I changed to that. Then I left a comment on Sleepydwarf, which I haven't been able to do lately and she doesn't have a pop-up window, so maybe that issue has righted itself.

Kath Lockett said...

Blogger often gives me a cyber wedgie - esp in the last twelve months or so. Some days it won't let me comment on anyone else's blog; or my photos are all crazily set up when I press 'post' and now it's a rare treat if I can change the font of my lettering.... I think they just update things but forget that we, the users, might need a few 'tweaks' to our settings as well.