Monday, October 24, 2011

Weird Dreams Are Weird

I had a dream. Not a noble dream about fixing the world, although that would be nice, just a normal (normal? for me maybe) weird dream.

I was in a barn with Olivia Wilde, filling crates with styrofoam packing peanuts. There was nothing else in the crates, just the packing material. After we'd finished filling the crates and nailing them shut, we went back to my house for a cup of tea. (My normal dream house that I live in every time I dream about a house.)

We'd just settled down in front of the television with our tea when we heard a noise from upstairs. I headed up to check it out, and found a couple I'd never seen before, having sex in the second-floor bedroom. I stand in the doorway and shout "What the hell?"
The woman responds with "It's alright, I'm the real estate agent."
I point out that her being a realtor doesn't actually make it okay, and she says "Well, from an ethical standpoint I can't sell the house unless I've tried out all the rooms."

As I was telling her the house wasn't for sale I woke up.


Jayne said...

Can't interpret it for you, sorry, I've been having odd dreams lately, too, and just wonder each night what bizarre entertainment my subconscious is going to give me!

And, yay, I can comment again :)

Toni said...

Well, that's pretty funny. Weird but funny.
In dreams, your house is meant to represent YOU. So .... ummm.....

Joni Llanora said...

That was very funny! I burst out a laugh reading it.

Windsmoke. said...

There was a murder mystery on t.v. a few years ago which had a similiar situation. Sadly the female salesperson was murdered and mutilated by a psycho :-).

no-one said...

Well now that I know the house represents me, I'm a little bit creeped put by my subconscious.

River said...

That's the weirdest one yet, clearly you're eating too much curry.
And all this talk of tea makes me want a cup.
*wanders off to kitchen...*

JahTeh said...

Put it down to the dark of the moon when we're all a little psychic and the few who are psychic are a lot more.