Friday, October 28, 2011

A Halloween Question

Halloween is almost upon us. I've heard a lot of grumbling about Halloween being an American thing, and we shouldn't be copying them and blah blah blah wingecakes, but I have Celtic and European blood, and they were celebrating All Hallow's Eve long before the Americans had anything to do with it, so I don't have a problem with it, and any doorknockers go away with mini milky ways or chupa chups. (sidenote: I babelfished Chupa Chup the other day, translating in a variety of languages, to see if it actually meant anything. In both Spanish and Portugese it translates to 'absorber of chup' which seems really odd.)

I've seen, in a fair amount of TV shows, and read in a bunch of books, children on Halloween being warned not to accept apples in case they have razor blades hidden in them. Sometimes these warnings are accompanied by a story about how a friend of a friend knows someone whose cousin's kid got an apple, bit into it, and had their mouth cut open by the razor blade.

This has always confused me.

Question: How exactly does one get a razor blade into an apple without it looking like the apple has been tampered with?

I'm not planning on doing it of course, but really, I wonder. Get an apple, get a razor blade. Shove the blade into the apple. I'm pretty sure there'll be a big visible cut in the surface of the apple where the blade got pushed in.


River said...

I'm torn between two decisions this year, because I now live closer to a road instead of down a long driveway.
Do I buy a heap of goodies in case lots of kids come knocking and maybe have to end up eating them myself?
Or, do I buy nothing and have lots of kids come knocking and get turned away disappointed?
I think you're right about the apples, also think that parents should inspect the goodies before letting their kids have them.

Anonymous said...

I too was confused about the razor blade in apples urban legend and I have figured it out - There are evil people out there who genetically engineer their apples to grow with razor blades inside them...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no clue on the apple thing. But I have no problem with Halloween. I think it is cute and a bit of fun. I spent way too much of my life taking things too seriously, this is something I intend to relax and enjoy with the kids.

Jayne said...

NFI on the apples with razor blade thing - just bizarre urban legend I guess.
I don't have a problem with Halloween - some parts of Australia were celebrating Halloween before some parts of USA, and it started waaaay back in UK and Europe, so who's copying who?