Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Over It

The love affair the world seems to be having with vampires and werewolves.

Full disclosure, I watched Buffy & Angel back in the day. I own the DVDs and still watch them on occasion. I currently watch The Vampire Diaries in spite of the fact that the two male leads are playing vampires, because they have some fantastic writing and acting, and of course, Ian Somerhalder's abs are very nice.

However, I was in Dymocks today, to use a gift card I got for my birthday. (Sidenote, I know some people who don't like to give gift cards because they're not 'personal'. I beg to differ. Gift cards says "I personally know that you'd rather choose your own book, instead of maybe ending with one you already own, or will hate." Yay giftcards!)

So, I'm wandering through the sci-fi/fantasy and horror sections, and it seems like every third book (or series) is about a human in love with a vampire or werewolf. Or a werewolf or vampire in love with a human. And it's all soppy and "I must control my bloodlust for the sake of love." eeerrrggghhhh. The market is just oversaturated, and I object to these genres being overrun with supernatural romances. I miss the days when vampires and werewolves were bloodthirsty killing machines to be hunted down and slayed, rather than fallen in love with and bedded. Back then, at least when one of these creatures fell for a human, they'd turn them and continue on with their natural bloodlusty killing sprees.

I want my genres back to the way they were.


Windsmoke. said...

Giving gift cards are stress free presents :-).

Toni said...

you might like this then

not sure if that link will work...

River said...

You're a bloodthirsty one aren't you?

Gift cards are great in the after Christmas sales.

no-one said...

Hah. Toni that was funny.