Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Weekend Project

I know it's only Wednesday, but projects take planning. And buying stuff. And talking myself into actually doing the projects, on the basis that now that I've bought the stuff, I damn well shouldn't waste my money by not using it.

Tomato Sauce.

My younger brother thinks he has developed an allergy to store bought tomato sauce. He's okay with tomato based pasta sauce, and fresh tomato isn't a problem, but if he has regular tomato sauce from a bottle, he gets a headache. It's really very sad, because as Australians it's practically unpatriotic to not be able to have sauce.

So I have decided to try making my own, where I know what all the ingredients are, to see if The Boy is still affected, or if it is, as I suspect, actually an allergy to one of the preservatives or colourants in the bottled stuff.

I've found an okay looking recipe, and while I usually follow recipes exactly the first time I make them, and then tweak on future endevours, this time I'm making a few changes before I even start.

I'll be making the tomato sauce on Saturday, and if it all goes well, it will be documented here.


Windsmoke. said...

Homemade tomato sauce is very yummmy indeed, as is homemade pickled onions :-).

River said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised to find he's developed an allergy to an ingredient that maybe wasn't there before. If the sauce is now made from local AND IMPORTED ingredients, we have no way of knowing exactly how those ingredients are manufactured, grown, processed etc. If J is okay with your home made stuff, that will be great. I'm going to start checking sauce bottle labels now, to see if I can find one that is totally Australian. I don't like my chances. The big pasta pot will come in handy.