Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I love coffee.
I didn't actually become a coffee drinker until I was in my early 20s. Growing up I thought I hated the smell, and therefore would hate the taste. It turned out that back then, before I'd even had a single cup, I was already a coffee snob. I just didn't like the smell of the instant coffee my mother drinks.

I don't remember the exact year I had my first cup of coffee ('99 or '00 I think), but I do remember that it was May 9th.
I was in the city with The Mysterious N, and we were heading in the general direction of a relatively new Hudsons Coffee. We then proceeded to have this conversation:

N: I wonder what the Hudsons Coffee coffee is like
Me: Did you know today is Hudson Leick's birthday?*
N: That's probably some kind of sign. Now we have to try it.
Me: You know I don't drink coffee.
N: Come on, it's totally a sign. Hudson, birthday, Hudsons Coffee...
Me: Yeah, why not.

So I had a latte and loved it. All these years later, I now drink multiple cups a day, and while I will branch out to other coffee places (the Donut King coffee is very nice), Hudsons is still my favourite.
The two reasons I now drink coffee:

                                                          Hudsons Coffee
Hudson Leick

*yes I am a Xena fan, and Callisto (Hudson, pictured above), is my favourite character. I do prefer early seasons evil Callisto to season 5 angel Callisto.


Ðéví said...

I can't recall ever trying coffee.
As a child I was the tea/coffee maker in the house hold, I loved the routine and ritual of it and make an awesome cuppa even now.
I would sniff Dad's coffee with delight all the way I carried it to him, but was never tempted to try it. Mum's tea appealed much more.
Then, when I finally became pregnant at 28, married to a coffee drinker, I suddenly found the smell appalling. Pineapple started tasting like dishwashing liquid.
After Baby, pineapple went back to being delicious, but still the rich aroma of coffee percolating in the kitchen will drive me outside. *sighs*

Toni said...

I have no idea who Callisto is, but I sure do love coffee!
We buy truly delicious coffee from North Queensland, from Coffee Works
and it's the height of luxury.

Kath Lockett said...

I've always loved coffee - even back in the 1970s when all we had in the house was a kettle that seemed to be permanently switched on to make International Roast or Nescafe!

These days I'm more snobby than that but, if pressed can go straight back to instant for a quick 'facelift' and perk up.

Love our coffee machine though.... Mrs Krups!

River said...

I do love my cheap instant coffee, but I also like the cappucino sachets that you introduced me to, Hudsons mochas are great, but my favourite will always be hot chocolate.
I looked at the picture thinking that doesn't look like Callisto, then realised I was thinking of Gabrielle.

no-one said...

Devi, I hope nothing ever happens to make me stop loving coffee.
Toni, Callisto is awesome. So is coffee, I'll check out that website thanks.
Kath, the closest I get to instant is those Nescafe cappucino sachets.
River, clearly you need to borrow my Xena DVDs again. Callisto is way better than Gabrielle.