Monday, March 21, 2011

Shirtless Adventures In Mystery Land, Part 2

previously on SAIML: "Is this Narnia?"
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    Tinkly laughter filled the air. The sound was strange, putting Joshua in mind of silver and glitter.
    "He thinks he's in Narnia," one of the sparkly creatures said. "There's no faeries in Narnia!"

     Joshua heaved himself shirtlessly to his feet, still staring slackjawed at the naked women calling themselves faeries.
     "I thought faeries were little, Tinkerbell sized..." he trailed off.
     "Television," one of the faeries shook her head in disgust, "it gets everything wrong."
     "Tinkebell started in a book," said another of the faeries, "but that was wrong too."
     "Come on Man," the first faerie grabbed Joshua's arm. "It's time to start your quest.

     Joshua shook her off and backed shirtlessly away. Normally he enjoyed being touched by beautiful naked women, but nothing about this was even close to normal.
     "Look, Faerie, my name is Joshua, not Man, and what quest? I was in a hotel and I'm in this weird place, I don't even have a shirt, and can you please put some clothes on, it's distracting."

     The first faerie gave the other faeries a look. "He's not taking this well at all," she whispered at them, "we'd better cover overselves before we try to explain."
     Turning to Joshua, she sighed audibly before adding, "and we have names too."
     Dresses magically appeared on the faeries, one red, one blue, one purple, and one by one they introduced themselves. The red faerie calling herself Calla, the blue Alyssum and the purple Hosta. Joshua hoped he would remember the odd names. The red one seemed like she might have a temper.

     Alyssum floated forward and took Joshua's right hand. "Now about this quest of yours..."

Once again, to be continued at some point, when I figure out the quest.


Windsmoke. said...

Ok, so now you've got me intrigued, I'll be waiting to read about the quest :-).

River said...

Faeries with flower names. Nice.
Has N read this yet?

no-one said...

W: Hopefully it won't take me too long.
R: I had to google flower colours to get matching names. And no she hasn't.

Aspiring...something said...

Have now! I like it... Keep going.

Aspiring...something said...

Also, I like that I am referenced in your blog and comments. The mysterious N... Who am I? Heh