Saturday, March 12, 2011

TV stuff

   Do you ever get obsessed with a TV show and then decide to track down as much of the actors other work as you can? Just me maybe?
   My current obsession is Warehouse 13. The basic plotline is that the two Secret Service agents pictured above, Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly), have to go around finding artificats with destructive powers and bring them safely back to the Warehouse. They are assisted by a steampunk tech girl, Claudia (Alison Scagliotti) and their boss Artie (Saul Rubinek). It's way more interesting than I am making it sound, and if you get a chance to watch it, give it a go.

  Anyway, in my 'see all the other stuff they've been in' quest I decided to start with Canadian actress, Joanne Kelly, partly because she's had some longish range roles in stuff (making it easier to track down than the random one-off guest spots), or her guest spots were in shows I already watched and just needed to re-visit (Supernatural, Castle).  It was also partly because I have a bit of a girl-crush on Myka because she's totally kick-ass.

  So now a quick run-down on some of the things I've been seeing her in lately, and then a question at the end.

  Jeremiah (2002)
  Jeremiah was set in a post-apocalyptic world, taking place 15 years after a virus had killed almost everyone over the age of about 13, leaving all the kids to fend for themselves. It starred Luke Perry (90210), Malcolm Jamal-Warner (Theo on The Cosby Show) and, in season 2, Sean Astin and Joanne Kelly. She played Liberty, a woman who seemed nice until SPOILER she turned out to be secretly evil and had to be killed. :(

The Dresden Files (2007)
  The Dresden Files was a short lived TV series (12 episodes) about a wizard named Harry Dresden who works as a private investigator. Paul Blackthorne played Harry. Joanne was Bianca, head of the red court vampires, and sometime ally of Harry.
 The Dresden Files are based on a series of novels by author Jim Butcher, and both the show and the books are well worth a look.

Most recently (yesterday, the day before that) I was watching Vanished (2006)

  In Vanished, Joanne plays Sara Collins, a Senator's wife who was abducted, held captive, subjected to psychological torture and forced to wear the same tank top for weeks.

All good reasons not to marry a Senator.

In one of the later episodes she escapes, and while on the run realises that the reason they keep finding her is that when the  bad guys injected her with something they were placing a tracking device under the skin of her arm. So she smashes a mirror and uses the broken glass to pry the tracker out.

  Now for my question: If this was you, how long would it take to work up the courage to dig into your own arm with a piece of broken glass from public toilet mirror to remove a tracking device. Would you be able to do it, or would you take your chances with trying to keep running


River said...

I would totally smash the mirror and dig that tracker out. But I'd have to wash the mirror first.

JahTeh said...

I've heard so many things about Warehouse 13 that I'd love to watch it but all the good programmes are on the 2nd channels which I can't get so no Stargate Atlantis or Supernatural. I remember that show about the Senator's wife but it ended suddenly when they cancelled the series. Now I'm going to have to go and hunt for it.
Welcome to the madhouse, by the way.

Red Nomad OZ said...

I hope I'm NEVER that desperate that I'd have to make that decision!!

Happy travels!!

no-one said...

River, of course you would clean the mirror first. Me I'd probably just dig right in and hope for the best regarding not getting an infection.
JahTeh, season 1 of Warehouse 13 is now available on DVD (maybe check if your library has it if you wanna see if you like it before you buy). Thanks for the welcome.
Oz, hopefully you'll avoid all random kidnappers on your travels

Kath Lockett said...

I'd do my best to clean the mirror and cut that sucker out. After childbirth, straightening my own broken toe in the shower and a tattoo, surely I'd be able to handle it??