Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shirtless Adventures In Mystery Land, Part 4

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   Joshua trudged shirtlessly down the dirt road. He'd been walking for three days, without encountering another living being. Even the faeries hadn't been around.
   Everything was dusty. His legs ached, and Joshua was bored. He wished he had an iPod. Or a television. The magic tent had a proper bed, would it have really been so hard to give him a television as well?
   Overcome with loneliness and despair, Joshua sat down shirtlessly in the middle of the road, and couldn't bring himself to move.

   Joshua had been sitting shirtlessly in the road for about half an hour when he heard a loud rumbling noise. Looking around, he noticed the day had darkened considerably and the sky was filled with thick black clouds.
   On the other side of the  field that bordered the dirt road was a large mountain range. Joshua thought he noticed a slight outcropping a little way up the mountain. Hoping it would protect him from what he was sure was an oncoming storm, he dashed shirtlessly for the mountains.

   Joshua reached the mountain just as the rain started to fall. Thunder and lightning soon followed, the sheet lightning brightening the whole area.
   Joshua shirtlessly watched the storm for a little while before deciding to to check out the little area in which he'd taken shelter.

  In the far corner of the covered area was a large crevice that appeared to be lit from the inside. It seemed large enough to fit through, so Joshua gathered up his messenger bag and shirtlessly headed toward the light.

   The crevice opened into a large chamber, lit by what seemed to be millions of fireflies. In the centre of the chamber was a deep blue-green pond, bordered with large polished rocks.
   Joshua stopped still for a moment, shirtlessly taking in the beauty of his surroundings. Then without thought he walked down to the pond.

   Joshua sat at the edge of the pond dangling his bare feet in the water. It felt so warm and soothing. He pulled off his jeans and boxer briefs and dived nakedly into the water.


   Drifting nakedly in the water, Joshua was contemplating his journey. He was starting to feel better about being on the quest even with the constant loneliness. He thought maybe the water had something to do with his change in attitude. He was definitely feeling stronger and more refreshed.
   Joshua had just started wondering how long he could stay in the pond before his skin started doing that weird pruney thing, when he felt something brush against his left thigh. He splashed frantically to the edge of the pond and scrambled nakedly onto the rocks.
   He took a moment to catch his breath before leaning over to peer into the pond. Squinting against the lights shining off the water's surface, he thought he could make out a large shape flickering through the deep.

   The shape started getting closer to the surface and Joshua jumped back nakedly in shock when a mermaid emerged from the water and hoisted herself up onto the rocks next to him. The mermaid glanced quickly at Joshua's wet, naked form and grinned to herself. Reaching out, she trailed her fingers down his arm.
   "Hello Joshua," she smiled at him, "I've been waiting for you."



River said...

He's naked now??? Hmmm....
Does he have dark hair or is he blonde?

no-one said...

My friend Michelle likes to picture him as looking like Damon from Vampire Diaries, so dark.