Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not The Holidays I Had Planned

I'm on holidays from work for the next two weeks. I always take holidays near the end of November, because I don't believe anyone should have to work on their birthday. Luckily it's easy to get time off because everyone else is trying to get time over Christmas. As I'm full-time Monday to Friday, I get all the public holidays off anyway, so it's not an issue for me.
This week my landlord is doing repairs in my bathroom and kitchen. Which they need, since we've all been putting it off, but he's here at 8.30 in the morning, so no holiday morning sleep-ins. Plus the awkwardness of having someone else in the house when I just want to laze around, read my books and have a Farscape marathon. (Which I'm still doing, it just feels weird when there's someone working in the next room). Plus having to watch what websites I'm visiting, in case he sees the screen as walks past to go to his truck for supplies. It may be ridiculous on my part, but I don't want my 73-year-old Orthodox Catholic landlord knowing that I sometimes hang out at Fuck Yeah Pervy Fangirls, and other such Tumblrs.
And I can't leave my house to go anywhere, because I don't like people being in my house if one of the full time residents isn't also around.

I also feel bad whinging, because the work is needed, lots of people don't even have jobs to take holidays from, and there's masses of people with problems way worse than 'can't fully relax while reading and watching TV'. But still, it's not the holiday I had planned.


Toni said...

Nah, go ahead and whinge. It's not fun at all when your expectations get de-railed.

Windsmoke. said...

You're a Farscape nut like me i take it, because its gotta be the best sci-fi show ever and very under rated. I bought all four seasons on dvd and watched them all back to back. At the moment i'm watching Terra Nova which is really good take look if you haven't already :-).

River said...

Oooh! repairs! About time too.
still, it's annoying whenyou want to just do your thing and there's someone else in the house. Still, the repairs shouldn't go on for the whole two weeks, surely?

no-one said...

Toni, thanks for validating my whinging.
Windsmoke: I am so much a Farscape nut that I have a commemorative tenth anniversary t-shirt, a stuffed DRD, a Dargo sculpture and an Aeryn action figure. I've owned the DVDs for 5 years now, and I watch a few times a year.
River: Hopefully it won't take all two weeks. I have mentioned that he can't come by next Wednesday because I'll be going out with Nicole for my birthday, so that's one day off, but as for the rest of the days, he's decided to paint the kitchen and hallway once everyting else is done, so who knows.

Kath Lockett said...

I know what you mean about trying to relax when there's a tradie in the house. We've had a succession of them here to fix up the powerpoints, Sapphire's stuck window, light fittings, shower etc and I don't know what to do. I tend to float off into the kitchen and let the dog trot in and out so that there's an excuse to see what's happening.

I hope that he gets his stuff over with so that you can fully veg out and do what you please :)