Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things I Wonder About

If a call to 000 or 911 brings up the caller's address within seconds, why, in ransom situations do people need to keep the caller on phone for over 3 minutes so the cops can trace the call?

The waiting period to report a healthy, non-challenged adult missing is 24 hours, so the police aren't swamped with missing persons reports for people who are just running late, or have gone out without leaving a note, which I understand. But we're also told that in any crime the first few hours are the most crucial for gathering evidence. If you can't report the disappearance for over 24 hours isn't the most crucial evidence gone by then?

Cars, boats, jets etc. are considered to be phallic objects, so why are they normally given female names? Most men don't name their actual phallic object something like 'Mary'.

When Superman changes in a phone booth, where do his clothes go? They're not under his Superman costume, and you never see a pile of clothing left on the floor of the booth. If he was changing in the TARDIS I could chalk it up to the science magic of time and space manipulation, but he's not so I can't.

If I had to choose my own name, what would I choose? I love the name Alex, for either gender, but I don't feel like an Alex. I don't often feel like a Kathryn either though.

Does the body & brain know exactly when it's going to die and plan its midlife crisis accordingly. Like it has no way of letting the conscious mind know, so it gives you all the midlife crisis signs and if you can double your time from exactly when you started having the crisis, is that when you're due to go.


River said...

All good questions, to which I have no answers. Can you believe I never once wondered what happens to Superman's clothes?

I like the name Alex too, and Olivia. There was a brief period of about a week when your name might have been Jessica or Jennifer, but we decided on the initials K L after your Aunty Kathy.

no-one said...

I always wondered about the clothes.

I don't feel like a Jessica or a Jennifer either.

Kath Lockett said...

I used to wonder that about Superman too, *and* be frustrated at how dumb his work mates were in not being able to guess his identity.

I also like Alex as a name - boy or girl.

Another thing to ponder: here in Switzerland if I look hard enough I can find bog-ordinary, sliced bread for the toaster but the crusts are removed from both ends. WHY?

no-one said...

I'm going to wonder about the bread thing now. What do they do with bits.