Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking A Break From My Break... bitch about stuff, and also ask a question.
The bitching first (because obviously that's more important), and just to note when I use the word 'you' it's in general.

You may be the nicest person in the world. Every single thing you have to say may be fascinating, and maybe I'd be crying bitter tears of disappointment and regret if I ever found out what I didn't get to hear. Maybe you're lonely and want someone to talk to. I'm not that person. (I understand that makes me sound horrible).

If I'm sitting at a bus stop, wearing headphones, and reading a book, don't tap me to get my attention, start yammering about your kids/grandkids/pets/whatever and then get offended when I politely say that I don't feel like talking and I'd just like to listen to my music and read my book. I'm wearing the headphones for a reason.

Question time (reason for question first) I have a running joke thing with a few people where if one of us says something that could be considered mean or offensive if it were said to someone else, we respond with 'that's going in my diary'.

I've never kept a diary. I made a few half-hearted attempts here and there because friends were keeping them, but I could never get past a couple of days. I've never understood why someone would write all their dreams and secrets down in one place, where someone else might be able to find them and read them. I like to keep my secrets in my head, where they will stay secret, unless of course, the government and/or aliens have mind reading devices. (some might suggest a blog is a diary, and for some people it may be. I don't put any of my really personal stuff on here so I don't think it is for me.

So today's questions are: Did you ever keep a diary? Why? Do you still keep one? Are you ever worried someone will find it and read it?


Toni said...

I've always loved the idea of a diary but I could never keep one regularly!

Someone should invent a Personal Cone of Silence or a Cloaking Device.

Kath Lockett said...

I did, actually, during my two years as a backpacker in London.

I got rid of it just before we headed over here to Switzerland because it was mostly very embarrassing stuff about blokes I fancied or were dating and hardly anything about my travel experiences. My best mate and my parents kept all the letters I sent them and they are a much more informative (and thankfully 'edited') version of my travels and events.

These days I have a pocket diary but only to keep tabs of where I should be and when, but I do like to write 'run 6km' or 'walk 8km' etc in it and feel proud if there's four in there per weekly page.

River said...

hah! I was thinking of you just this afternoon and wondering if we'd ever get to read any more "shirtless" adventures.

I tried keeping a diary when I was maybe 10 or so, the idea is nice, but after two days of "after school I went to the beach", I ditched the idea.
Now I only have a dayplanner where I write in the days and hours I'm expected at work.

Jayne said...

I tried keeping a diary when I was a kid but I wasn't disciplined enough to keep at it.
Meh, it's better to keep everything in your head ;)

Windsmoke. said...

My answers are: No, Couldn't be bothered, Is that a trick question?, How can you find something that doesn't exist :-).

JahTeh said...

Late to the party again. I burnt the diaries I kept of the first years of marriage since I included every "desperate housewives" moments of the neighbours and when the kids started reading I thought the books were better off up in smoke. Who thought that most of them would end up as yuppies, move out or divorce. I would really love to go through them now.
I do keep a daily diary ever since the ex left and it's been a help looking up mum's various ops and illnesses.
And I keep a journal of thoughts mostly for my granddaughters because I never see them and one day they might like to know what kind of person I was.
Of course it helps if you live alone and no-one is likely to go ratting through them.